Confirm an eLead

When reviewing eLeads, it's important to check for duplicates before accepting the lead.

  1. Click SalesDay under Sales

  2. Click on an eLead on the right under New eLeads

  3. The Duplicate Checker automatically checks the following:
    1. prospect's first and last name,
    2. contact's first and last name,
    3. prospect's phone number and email address
    4. contact's phone number and email address
  4. Additional searches for names can be completed in the appropriate search boxes.  Example: If a first name is Robert, you may want to search for Bob.
    duplicate checker blank
  5. If there are no duplicates, select the radio button next to New eLead is Not a Duplicate
    eLead options
  6. Click Confirm New Lead

Once you confirm a new eLead, a new record will be created in both VIA and integrated systems, and a notification will appear in your Notification Center.